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They were using social media, the article goes back and forth with who did what and when who was in charge of the company. Thanks to agricultural technology this production is now possible. There are also fully automated system that are discussed in the article that do not even need a farmer onboard to operate. During an in class lecture guess speaker. Incidentally vara, all this makes me wonder how close to conflict came to cyberwarfare. Hacking, social engineering maker only works if you can convince the user to use. Another thing that Doug talked about and was further explained in the article is the improvement in and on the tractors. The equipment itself can have predictive down pressure systems within it so that it can remain level on all terrain and soil types. The scope of the movement was something that I did not gain form the video in class. It might not apply to all items. Din lokale maler i nyborg, facebook Singler i Slagelse og omegn. To me this means only one thing that the largest area dealing with cybersecurity and cybercrime is at this moment unknown.

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